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Dedication, Passion, Perfection, Quality. These are the values that define us.

We have been working in the sector since the 70’s. With the tradition of a working family, the testimony was passed down from generation to generation now reaching Hivictória.

With great knowledge in the manufacture of suitcases, wallets, and all accessories related to skin. All the work is done with great dedication. From the design of the piece, the cut of the skin or cork, the seam and its final finishes.

The whole process is accompanied with the maximum rigor.

Manufacturing 100% Português

We value quality, we value the customer. We value the national production



The first extraction of cork occurs, usually, when the tree reaches between 25 and 30 years, and the extraction occurs in the months of June to August. This cork, sometimes of considerable thickness, is called virgin and is distinguished substantially from the cork of reproduction extracted in the following periods: it is designated by secondary in the second circulation and by amadia in the subsequent runs or extractions. The cork amadia is the one of better quality, being therefore the most valued, and the only one that can be used for the manufacture of stoppers. From this stage, cork is extracted every nine years.

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